Nicolai Saturn 14

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Nicolai Saturn 14

Das Modell Saturn 14 bildet ein absolut modernes Trailbike ab. Konzipiert in der Geolution Trail Geometrie, verfolgt es ganz klar eine lange und flache. mm Federweg am Heck, aber stabil genug für den Bikepark? Ob das stimmt, haben wir im Test des Nicolai Saturn 14 ST herausgefunden! Nicolai präsentiert das Nicolai Saturn 14 ST Trailbike. Das neue Mountainbike setzt auf einen stabileren Rahmen und verfügt über eine.

Test: Nicolai SATURN 14 ST All-Mountain Bike 2020

Produktnews / MTB: Erst für die Saison hatte Nicolai mit dem Saturn 14 ein komplett neues Trailbike auf der beliebten Saturn-Plattform. Seit nun einem guten Jahr hat sich das NICOLAI SATURN 14 im Trail und Enduro Segment auf dem Markt etabliert. Es lässt sich nur schwer in. mm Federweg am Heck, aber stabil genug für den Bikepark? Ob das stimmt, haben wir im Test des Nicolai Saturn 14 ST herausgefunden!

Nicolai Saturn 14 All the gears Video

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Oft stellen wir nach der genaueren Auswertung der Informationen fest, dass Casino Ab 18 ein Serienrahmen Deine Wünsche erfüllen kann. This applies to bread, milk, meat and any other product. All Bundesliag Streams reserved. All I can remember about them was that it made my bike sound like a Ducati with a dry clutch. 11/3/ · Nicolai's Saturn 14 was released in April as a mm trail bike that combined the progressive geometry of its G13 Geolution chassis with the attitude of its shorter travel platforms like. 12/19/ · Nicolai's Saturn 14 has been around for over half a year now, and with the ever-growing popularity of short travel bikes with big intentions it has been hugely popular for the brand. So much so. 11/3/ · Nicolai’s latest reveal delivers two new versions of the Saturn 14, both featuring the most current development of Pinion’s specification gearbox. There is a standard Saturn 14 and the slightly burlier ‘ST’ version, with its reinforced construction.

Lottolabd Nicolai Saturn 14 sollte man bei der darauffolgenden Nicolai Saturn 14 beachten. - Geometrie Nicolai Saturn 14 ST 27,5

Ich möchte nicht Mittelalter Aufbauspiele Fahrradrahmen, die fast nur aus Luft bestehen, in Containern über die Weltmeere transportieren. Nicolai's Saturn 14 has been around for over half a year now, and with the ever-growing popularity of short travel bikes with big intentions it has been hugely popular for the brand. So much so. NICOLAI’s interpretation of the radical trail bike is the SATURN With its modern and balanced GEOLUTION TRAIL geometry it’s perfect for a lap from home, around a trail centre, or a 5-day XC race. Agile, stable and easy-climbing, that’s what GEOLUTION TRAIL brings to the party. The new Saturn 14 will come in , 29 or Mullet wheel size and features or mm of rear travel (dependant on rear wheel) with a mm fork up front. With plenty of modern geometry influence. Die Interpretation des modernen Trailbikes hört im Hause NICOLAI auf den Namen SATURN Das SATURN 14 begeistert durch seine moderne ausgewogene GEOLUTION TRAIL Geometrie von der Hausrunde, im Trailcenter oder auf dem Alpencross. Agil, Laufruhig und kletterfreudig beschreiben die GEOLUTION TRAIL Geometrie am besten mit 3 Worten. NICOLAI’s interpretation of the modern trail bike is named the SATURN The SATURN 14 inspires the rider with its modern and balanced GEOLUTION TRAIL geometry: perfect for a lap from your house, around a trail centre, or a 5-day XC stage race. The GEOLUTION TRAIL geometry is best described in three words: agile, stable and climb-friendly.
Nicolai Saturn 14 Lass Dir unsere Angebote und Aktionen nicht entgehen! Im Vergleich zu den Mitbewerbern, Holy Diver Bedeutung meist Aluminium T6 Manouri, weist diese Sorte sehr viel bessere Festigkeitswerte auf. Wir haben unsere Fertigung in den letzten 20 Jahren immer weiter optimiert, um die Fertigungsqualität immer weiter zu erhöhen und natürlich auch um immer anspruchsvollere Konstruktionen umsetzen zu können. Boxen Live ja, hier haben wir einen weiteren Grund:.
Nicolai Saturn 14 Pinion transmission means grip shift is your only option for changing gears. In my opinion, it borders on insulting B.Win to announce a bike as a novelty in one year and to discontinue the same model as a discontinued model next year. It's very different from old school gripshift, trust me, I've been riding it for 4 years and never slipped a gear In any case, if I was in the market I don't think this would be enough Lotto Hessen Gewinnüberprüfung turn me away Bundesliag Streams Casino Freispiele this. WAKIdesigns Dec 19, at Fun, agile, fast, stable; characteristics that will leave you itching to get out for the next ride. But it is an idea I've had ever since I saw the Roox Cat and Dog so if I had patented the idea back then, it would already have expired. Bitwala Deutsch must login to Pinkbike. So that you can hit every lane on the trail, we mount a form-fit sliding, exchangeable dropout for track and camber adjustment on all frames. Klappern oder verlorene Flaschen gehören der Vergangenheit an. Das SATURN 14 begeistert durch seine moderne ausgewogene GEOLUTION TRAIL Geometrie auf der Hausrunde, im Trailcenter oder auf dem Alpencross. Das SATURN 14 GPI begeistert durch seine moderne ausgewogene GEOLUTION TRAIL Geometrie auf der Hausrunde, im Bikepark oder auf dem Alpencross. Nicolai erweitert seine Trailbike-Linie Saturn 14 um eine weitere, besonders robuste Version: Das Saturn 14 Supertrail soll auch Bikepark-Ausflüge locker. mm Federweg am Heck, aber stabil genug für den Bikepark? Ob das stimmt, haben wir im Test des Nicolai Saturn 14 ST herausgefunden!

This mission statement has made us one of the most innovative bicycle companies in terms of chassis performance, steering dynamics and geometry.

To summarise this for people who have not already heard about the future of bike geometry, we can focus on four main points:.

Fun, agile, fast, stable; characteristics that will leave you itching to get out for the next ride. Big wheels for big riders, small wheels for smaller riders or a hybrid mix for those who want the best of both worlds: huge front wheel grip, fast speed generation from pumping the terrain and unparalleled cornering response on unknown trails.

Although a x55mm shock on this frame would also give mm of travel, the increased travel reduces the tyre clearance, so this configuration is not recommended.

Nicolai has always been good for the other solution. The tension bar increases the fatigue strength of the frame without increasing the weight.

Wondering what that black thing is hidden behind the shock and seat-tube? Every iteration of the Saturn since has featured a tension bar. This is an extra connection between the lower shock bolt and the rocker link pivot, why?

When the suspension bottoms out at full compression, forces continue to try and move these pivot points away from each other you can see many frames break around this area.

The tension bar resists this and keeps the maximum forces in check, meaning that lighter tubing and machined parts can be used in this area to reduce overall weight.

We design a unique jig for every model and frame size. The tubes and machined components are turned and milled as necessary and then mounted in the jig, fitting perfectly together.

Then, these parts are tacked together by spot welding. The frame is then welded in several passes by TIG tungsten inert gas to reduce distortion.

By reducing the distortion as much as possible it improves the alignment of the frame. Our flat, fish-scale welds are time-consuming but ensure that the material is properly fused, improving strength.

The wide and flat welded bead distributes force over a larger area, improving the strength of the frame. Sometimes we add gussets to reinforce parts of the frame that receive particularly high forces, such as from braking or jumping.

This extra care and attention to detail ensures that your frame will give you years of fun, even under the most demanding riders and conditions.

If I could afford one I could afford the new belts though. Whats the function of the machined aluminium component black between the lower shock mount and the underside of the rocker mounting — it appears to be fixed at both ends?

RichPenny: Seatstay mutator is a chunk of alloy that you fit to adjust seatstay length; used to adjust between wheel sizes or simply tune geometry to your liking see black part at top of seatstay.

He was putting quite a few miles on but IIRC got fed up with them in the end? Is the belt tensioner just behind the cranks spring loaded?

Fans of the gearbox drivetrain will be thrilled to note Nicolai's latest product release, which is a Pinion enabled version of its Saturn 14 trail bike range.

I do not want to transport bulky bicycle frames, which consist almost exclusively of air, in containers across the oceans.

I just want to produce the things that are needed. Worn phrase:. The bike is designed, prototypes built and tested until we are satisfied. The feedback of our team riders, our customers and our own experience as bikers is incorporated.

Our goal is always the same: To make best function, durability, reliability and the good better. Every Nicolai frame can be produced in any colour according to your preferences.

Choose from different frame colours, anodised colours for reversing levers and pull holders as well as frame decor to add your individual touch to the frame.

Frame color: Powder coated, anodized or factory-raw — you decide what your frame looks like. Powder coating is a melted plastic coating that is significantly more resistant to scratching and impact than conventional coatings.

Anodising is an electrochemical process used to colour the surface of aluminium. The oxide layer is even harder and more scratch-resistant than any powder coating.

Additional weight is not applied during anodising. However, the thin oxide layer can be penetrated more easily. With a powder coating or lacquer you can hide flaws in the surface.

Scratches, scoring and tool marks can be filled and smoothed like skin folds with make-up. An anodizing does not hide anything, reveals every flaw; the brighter the anodizing tone, the clearer.

This is why different colours are produced on welded frames during anodising. The frames are not coated after production, but move directly to assembly.

You get your frame without coating also no clear lacquer. With the help of a polishing fleece, however, the old shine can be restored in a few easy steps.

The decors are available in different colours and finishes — you decide. We offer various anodising colours with which you can refine your bike.

The geometry varies slightly between the different models and can also be customized through Nicolai's Tailormade program. A sample geometry of the standard 29er version.

More detailed geometry info can be found on the Nicolai website. Cable routing is external but who cares when it's as neat as this?

TacosMcGee Nov 3, at I want to believe that this bike is as hassle and maintenance free as I imagine it is. Which, for MTB as opposed to road, is pretty much all areas.

The people I know with belt drives lube them as much or more than a chain. See their notes on silicone lube: www. Broke one belt early on in the process due to tensioning issues.

Once the gen 2 version came out with the centertrack, I never had a problem since. As for lube, never. If it acts up and starts to get noisy, a little squirt of H2O takes care of it.

It just doesn't look like it'd clear mud as well as a chain. Grononosse Nov 3, at It is not a coincidence Belt must be great and almost maintenance free, but for city bikes.

MorganBH Nov 3, at That's pretty interesting. Timenator Nov 3, at Timenator : This is mostly an issue specific for traditional hardtails.

Bikes with a horst linkage can be opened, a single pivot full suspension like one from Orange except for the ST4 or a hardtail with a high rear triangle like an Olsen bike won't need to be split at all.

Timenator : There is a belt drive that you can split to fit a standard frame though I can't remember who makes it. BenPea Nov 3, at HollyBoni Nov 3, at Lots of beach sand and grit.

Never a problem. You get the odd PING, but it certainly hasn't been a problem. It's setup for single speed and sees a lot of torque. I'm quite surprised of its durability.

Grononosse : Well that lends more to the fact that belts don't play nicely with a lengthening of the drivetrain, hence the tensioner you see here.

For a dirtbike, you'd need the front sprocket concentric with the point of rotation for the rear axle, which adds much more design complexity.

You'll see many more belts with the shift to electric. Lanebobane Nov 3, at Honestly, I bet a silent and more robust drivetrain would be a good tradeoff for a grip shift.

I'm sure you'd get used it pretty quick. Speaking from experience, you do get used to it quickly. Vielleicht Rückenschmerzen, schmerzende Knie oder ein Stechen im Nacken?

Welche Sitzposition bevorzugst Du? Hast Du gesundheitliche Probleme? Was willst Du mit dem Bike machen? Cross Country-Rennen fahren oder Freeriden?

Lockere Touren oder steile Trails? Welche Teile willst Du fahren oder später nachrüsten können? Oft stellen wir nach der genaueren Auswertung der Informationen fest, dass auch ein Serienrahmen Deine Wünsche erfüllen kann.

Klick hier. Wir garantieren daher auf alle Nicolai Produkte eine Ersatzteilverfügbarkeit von mindestens 10 Jahren. Nur so, können wir unseren hohen Qualitätsanspruch dauerhaft sicherstellen.

Ab dem Kaufdatum erhälst du 5 Jahre Garantie. Bild vergrössern. Mehr erfahren. Schrägkugellager 4 fach gedichtet Der Hinterbau eine Fullsuspension-Bikes ist kein statisch steifes Bauteil und ist im Fahrbetrieb extremen Belastungen ausgesetzt.

Rado Rear Aligning Dropout Damit du auf dem Trail auch jede Spur triffst, montieren wir an allen Rahmen ein formschlüssig verschiebbares, austauschbares Ausfallende zur Spur- und Sturzeinstellung.

In drei Worten: 10 Jahre Ersatzteilverfügbarkeit Wir laufen keinem Trend hinterher, sondern testen alles selbst und kommen zu eigenen Überzeugungen und das seit 20 Jahren.

Abgenutzt formuliert: Nachhaltigkeit Doch zurück zu den Bikes.


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